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First off, I would like to say thank you for visiting Fresh View Concepts! Second, I am going to tell you alittle about Fresh View Concepts. Third, I am going to inform you about what you get when you subscribe to this blog! Lastly, I will let you know how to connect to us via Social Media!

Fresh View Concepts is based out of Jacksonville, Florida, but does business all throughout the United States.  Graphics and Consulting is our main focus.  Social Media, Email, Text, and Brand Consulting are the features.  We really want to help businesses connect to their customers through Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare, using the best tools available!  There is a science to Social Media and we want to share that knowledge with you, so that you can grow your business effectively and get to know your customers personally!  If your company had hit a plateau, and you want to mix things up a bit, we offer many different ways to market your business through print and web!  Starting a new business?  Well we have you covered with logos, markteting strategies, branding, social media campaigns, email and text campaigns, promotions, etc!

When you subscribe to this blog, you will receive tons of new and exciting news about the Social Media world!  There will be links to other blog articles, news about the ever changing Facebook, and new ways to connect on Twitter.  There are always new things to challenge our understanding of how we interact socially with each other, and I am excited to tell you about them!  Facebook is still the #1 way to boost your business!  Twitter is starting to blossom as we speak and new websites for social media are added everyday!  Foursquare, Linked In, and many other social sites will also be topics for discussion!  I encourage ALL subscribers to comment on posts of interest, even if it is debating the current topic!  I would love to discuss your views!  Plus, you will also get updates on Email Marketing, which is still very relevant in today’s economy.  This can be a cheap and easy way to generate more revenue for your business.  Texting Campaigns can also generate revenue as well as generate buzz about your business.  Texting generally has a 100% open rate, because most people who opt into texting know what they are getting and want to know what you have in store for them!

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