Google+ to Test Business Pages

Google+ is still in the testing phase and is now taking applications for businesses to test their version of a business page.  Since releasing the link to the application just last night, Google+ has already received thousands of applications.  It is the job of Christian Destlien, lead project manager for social advertising at Google, to sort through the applicants and decide which businesses will be able to test first.  He will only be taking a few hundred, and they will be able to set up their pages in about two weeks. (Ad Age) Big companies like Dell, Ford, and MTV have already taken advantage of this feature and have been hosting “hangouts”- video chats with their customers.  According to Dell, who hosted a hangout just today, the only thing they are concerned about is the video and audio quality.  (Watch their hangout “FIR+” on YouTube) This is surely to be fixed since Google+ is using this time to figure out these types of problems. This is a major and positive difference between Google+ and Facebook. This may put Google+ on the forefront of marketing strategies of companies around the country, giving it a good kick right out of the bag. Companies will be able to be face-to-face with their customers, putting a softer image on some of the big companies once thought to only be automated.

According to Destlien, Google+ will not affect the google search results, unlike previously thought by many in the social media and SEO world.  Google +1 will be the main google application to function as a google search enhancer.  So, sorry to those of you who were ready to abandon Facebook forever, you may have to wait a little bit longer until Google decides to changes this around.  Facebook still remains one of the best SEO tools for your company next to Twitter.

The mobile app for Google+ is already available for Android and IPhone, even though when you try to sign in, it gives you the testing message.  Google has really created some serious buzz about their new social media platform, which is actually quite impressive. If the buzz stays positive, Google may finally have a successful piece of the social media pie, unlike their previous tries that ended in complete failure.

The real question is, when will the rest of us be able to use this Google+ we have been hearing so much about?  No one really knows, but everyone is rather excited about the new possibilities of a new platform to share their thoughts and photos.  For businesses, it may seem that this is yet another social media platform that they must keep up with and update.  But think about it this way, you can finally put a face to your company and let your customers know that you want to take the time to truly engage in conversation.  You can show them that their opinions really matter by showing your own face!  This could be the very thing that pushes your sales goals to the top!