Sick of Social Media? Try This on Twitter!

Are you sick of starting a new social media profile, adding all of your friends, finally learning how to use it, and than something completely new comes out (Google+) and you have to start all over again? I feel your pain, especially as someone who uses social media everyday on multiple accounts. Lucky for you, Google+ is still in beta testing, so this will buy you some time on why you have not created an account yet. Here are some tips to get you excited about social media again; they worked for me!

1. Follow people who tweet about a topic you would like to learn.   This is a critical step in becoming engulfed in information!  Want to learn a new skill, follow someone on Twitter!  Want to learn about your city?  Follow it on Twitter!  Want to know what time to pick your nose? Follow someone on Twitter….you get my point!  This was extremely helpful for me when I wanted to learn more about HTML and CSS.  I started to follow tons of people in that industry, and what did I get?  Tons of good information!  This is free information that gave me tons of tips and how to’s.  I also tend to follow alot of people in my own field, marketing, so all the others are a nice break from all the marketing new’t !  So, go on, learn something new!

2. Follow “top” people in your city.  This is fun because you can pretend like you are just as important as them when they talk back to you on Twitter! But really, this helps you get more involved, or at least feel more involved in your city.  Also, these thought leaders have some good posts.  Try following top people in your city who are also in your own field.  This will give you a good sense about how your endeavors effect your city and community.  This is also good for networking.  If you see them at a networking event, introduce yourself, don’t be creepy, but it is acceptable to give them your business card.

3. Talk to people you follow or who follow you.  You are on social media to interact, right?  What is the point in posting and being on a social network if you don’t actually want to talk to someone?  If you see a post you like, retweet it!  If they ask a question, reply with an answer!  Do this enough and you will find yourself in the center of the Twitter universe!  I, for one, like to compliment people when they put out a good post.  It lets them know that their content is not going out unheard!

Take these steps the next time you have a moment to sit down and interact!  I guarantee this will boost your social media morale, and if not, at least you will have learned at least one tidbit of information in the process!