Optimize Your Foursquare Presence

Over 10,000,000 people are now using Foursquare as their preferred check-in application! While it is not quite as popular as Facebook or Twitter, there is a way to get good ROI on your Foursquare marketing efforts!

Make sure you claim your venue! 

Search for your company using the search box in the blue navigation bar.  Click on the appropriate venue again, then click “Claim Here” to the right of the page.  Click “Continue claiming this venue” on the next page, than “yes” to verify you are authorized to claim the venue.  “Continue with Claim” and click the information that is closest to your business; Geer Services is one of a kind, so we clicked that option. Click “yes” if you can answer the phone.  Enter your business phone number and click “verify”.  More than likely, foursquare will tell you that they cannot verify your phone number.  If they do verify it, than make sure to answer the phone and write down the verification code and put it in the box provided.  If you do get the error message, click “Have us contact you another way”, then “Mail us a verification code”.  Within 2 weeks, you will receive your verification code and a nifty sticker in the mail. After receiving the code, you will be ready to start setting up your page and specials.

Add Specials- Make people want to check into your venue!

Now it is time to start adding specials!  When you sign on to your foursquare business profile, you will have a new feature added to the navigation bar called Manager Tools.  Manager Tools allows you to manage all venues you claim and add specials to those venues. Clicking Campaigns will show you the list of all running specials for all venues.  Click “Start a Campaign” and “Choose Venues” to specify which venue you want the special to run with.  Click “Add a Special”.  There are many options to choose from in this step.  Get with your marketing team to come up with the best special for your company.  For Geer Services, it was loyalty specials for people who check in multiple times and mayor specials.  If you are a busy restaurant, the swarm or flash specials may be a good choice for you.  Newbie and Check-in specials are good for companies who have a lot of new business walking through the door.  If you want to encourage your customers to bring friends, the Friend special is the way to go.  The next steps give you tons of ways to customize specials that are right for your business.  Click “Create Special” when you have completed all the steps.  Foursquare lets you have two specials per venue, so take advantage of each one!

Keep Track of Which Specials are Working for your Business!

You have just created specials for your business on Foursquare!  The Campaigns Tab can help you keep track of how long you have been running a special, which can be started or ended whenever you want it to be. It will also let you view the statistics on all of your specials.  It gives you Total Campaigns, Total Views, and Total Unlocks, which can give you good insight on which campaigns are working and which ones might need to be changed.  If you feel some of the specials you created are not working, before you change the special, make sure you have given it enough time to be seen and used!  If you are having a special for the Mayor of your venue, and you only see that one person has unlocked it in a few weeks, do not give up!  Sometimes it takes longer for another person to become a Mayor, but gives them reason to check in more often.  You also want to make sure the special is right for your venue.  If you are a small business that only has a few customers a day, then a swarm special might not be the best fit.

Foursquare will continue to gain momentum in the months to come, especially with Facebook abandoning it’s Places feature.  Facebook now incorporates Foursquare and other Geo-location apps into its platform.  This will only give Foursquare the push it needs to be extremely popular and successful.

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