Google+ Business Pages

Google+ has finally announced that they are very close to letting businesses have their very own business pages! 43 million people have already signed up for Google+ since it began in July.  Many of us have been waiting very patiently for Google+ to unveil it’s new platform to businesses.  In an article out today by AdAge, they questioned Google’s Christian Oestlien, group product manager for social advertising at Google, about when the new Google+ business pages will be available to the public, and also what businesses will be able to do with these pages.  As for now, Ford and General Motors are still the only companies officially testing Google+.  Google+ has shut down many company profiles including MTV ans Sesame Street.  Any others that might be up and running are not the official business pages and are not official testers.

Google+ will allow business pages to have a profile page and circles, with not much more revealed.  Ford’s page currently has a similar feature to Facebook, a banner of pictures that goes across the top of the profile page.  Will this be customizable?  No one knows for sure what the other actual features of the pages will be, but many are wondering.  A great feature would be the integration of HTML, much like Facebook, to let businesses have custom pages that link to their websites.  Another good feature would be the availability to invite circles to events on event pages.

So what happens if your business is already being scammed by someone else?  Google will be monitoring this closely and when reported, these pages will be given a “soft take down” with its owners given time to retaliate if they indeed believe they are the rightful owners of the name.  If they are found to be fake, Google will take these pages down for good.Another way Google is verifying its members is by giving celebrities verification badges.  These badges will be used in a similar way to Twitter’s blue check marks as a way to identify the real profile.   Oestlien would not reveal whether Google would be using these badges for business pages, but it looks promising.

So while nothing as been revealed about these business pages yet, we still wait patiently to hear more good news about their arrival.  Google+ will have to unveil some competitive features to even begin to compete with Facebook, who is the authority on business pages.  With all this waiting, many businesses might be pushed off and not consider coming back.

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