Facebook Timeline

As many of you have heard, Facebook is changing the way you are viewed by the world!  With the introduction of its ‘Timeline‘, many things will change, some for the good, and some for the creepy!  Facebook is trying to compete with Google+, the new social media platform founded by none other than Google itself.  This has put a fire under Facebook to make sure it remains the most widely used social media platform in the world.  It has reached 800 million users, with 65% of users logging on everyday! So what will you see on this new timeline?

Your Cover. This is the first thing people will see when they look at your new profile page.  This is what showcases you, what encompasses you as a whole; a picture worth a thousand words.  So, make it a good one!  To the left, you will still have a profile picture, slightly larger than the one you currently have that slightly over laps the Cover Picture.  Under the Cover is your information.  Where you live, who you date, etc…

Your Stories. This is where people can see what you are up to, your status updates. New features are the expanded sections where people can see your recent activity in vivid detail.  Not only will they people be able to see the name of people you recently added as friends (like the way it is now), it will show a mini profile of those friends with their current profile picture. This is the same for recent photos and recent likes.  Everything is more interactive and in your face.  You will be be to see more information at one time than ever before!  This section also contains Places, a mini map of where you have been; and a current list of your friends, all neatly stacked together.  Make sure to find the customization setting if you do not want people knowing where you have been or pages you have liked.

Your Apps.  Facebook contains tons of apps that you can customize to share everything you can imagine.  Share the music you like, movies you are watching, where you took your last run, etc.  These apps will be nestled at the bottom of your timeline, awaiting your content input!

Some not so great things.  There will be parts of your Facebook that show past activity.  If you have things you do not want to share that you may have posted in the past, whether it be old posts, old pictures, or old boyfriends, it is destined to show.  Make sure you figure out all of the possible security and customization features available to you through Facebook to make sure things do not show that you might not like.

All in all, this will be a great change to Facebook.  It looks great, and while it may be a little personally invading, what social media site isn’t these days.  The time frame for the unveil is not yet certain, but make sure you sign up for updates on the changes.

See the new Timeline, and how it will impact you!

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