How to Create a Mirror Image in Photoshop (Beginner)

Have you wanted to use an image, but it’s facing the wrong way, or it’s pointing left and you need it to point right?  Here is an easy way to flip the picture horizontally in Photoshop.

Start with the picture you want to use.  I have chosen a picture of presents to be festive for the holidays!  I have also taken out the background for ease of use.


Next, you want to create a new board.  I made it 3 in x 3 in, but you can make it any size you want, as long as your picture will fix inside of it.

Drag your image (presents)  into the new board, so that it looks like this:

With the image layer selected, go to the Edit menu —>Transform——>Flip Horizontal

You should end up with an image opposite the one you started with, like this:

Congratulations! Now you can use it for whatever your heart desires!  I used mine like this:

Happy Holidays!


This our first tutorial!  If you find it helpful please leave feedback and pass this along.  If you don’t, leave us feedback and tell us how we can make it better!