Companies That Got It Right On Pinterest

With over 10 million registered users and 9.5 million monthly Facebook connected users, Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site, despite still being invite only according to App Data!  This immense growth has turned many companies into fiendish pinners, some successful, some not.  Pinterest is a great addition to many company’s marketing plans.  Is Pinterest ready for your company?  Here are some examples of companies that just got it right.

Visit Savannah is a great example of how to get people excited about visiting your town! They have 17 boards that range from where to eat and book a hotel to Haunted Savannah.  They post new pins almost everyday, and use the “like” feature.  The like feature is important for companies especially because you want people to know that you are actively participating on the site, and that you like what others are posting.  Visit Savannah does a great job with this.  If you have never visited Savannah, check out their boards, and you will soon be booking your next vacation to the beautiful city!

Glamour  really grasps the concept that 97% of users are women, as reported by Tech Crunch from App Data statistics.  They have boards not only about their magazine, but also about things that women are interested in such as Date Night Outfits and Hair Styles.  As like Visit Savannah, Glamour pins several times a day and uses the “like” feature just as well.  If you are like many people, you prefer to look at your favorite magazine online.  Glamour has extended themselves into another way for readers to enjoy the features of the magazine without leaving their favorite social site.

Premier Jewelers is still new to Pinterest, but have shown tons of growth in a short period of time.  They have boards that pertain to their jewelry, but also have boards that show you creative ways to store your jewelry and Date Night Jewelry.  They have tons of  “likes” which shows they really want to participate in the Pinterest community!  Another great board Premier Jewelers has created is a board about their city of Jacksonville.  This is a great way to show people the area that surrounds your store.  So if you are in the area, you will know how to find them and also great places to go and visit while you are there.

Pinterest will continue to grow fast, hopefully catching the eye of a more diverse set of users (i.e. men), making Pinterest a better place for more unique companies to participate.  If you think your company would be great on Pinterest, go ahead, start pinning!  Follow the Pinners mentioned above to enhance your Pinterest and help you create a great Pinterest for your business!

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