3 Pinterest Alternatives

While many of us are locked into the Pinterest obsession, many others have still not recognized its relevance or are simply uninterested in what it has to offer.  If you are one of the latter personalities, one of these three alternatives may be for you!

Fancy.  If you like the general idea of Pinterest, but cannot give into waiting for an invite, Fancy is for you!  Fancy has the same concept as Pinterest, in that, it is pictures only.  You can Fancy pictures (similar to liking a picture) and Add to Lists (which is similar to Pinterest Boards).  There are minor differences between the two social media sites.  Fancy gives you a Rank, which is basically a way for other people to rank your popularity.  The more people Rank you, the more popular you become.  Fancy also gives out badges, although I have not received any yet, and could not find a source to tell what type of badges you can earn.  Another feature of Fancy is Deals.  You can look at the Deals tab to find tons of deals on the internet.  I am sure this list will grow as the site gains popularity.

Gentlemint.   The man’s Pinterest!  It is no secret that 90% of Pinterest’s users are women.  Gentlemint is full of manly things posted by manly men, but surprisingly, it is not just full of half naked girls.  It has tons of posts about things guys are truly interested in, which is refreshing to see.  Gentlemint is still invite only, but only because the creators of the site want the users to have an enjoyable experience without getting bogged down with too many users right off the bat.

“Put simply, we have a great, small community of users and continually doubling or tripling the size of the community overnight (which is essentially what we’d have to do to keep up with demand) would ruin the experience for our current users and make things very challenging for us to keep up with. ”  Read More

Gentlemint is always adding new features, the latest being Save to Your Mint, which is slightly similar to putting things on boards.

Chill.  Similar to Pinterest, but with videos instead of pictures!  While is may sound like YouTube, it is not just a place to watch random videos across the internet.  On Chill, you get to share videos you like and watch videos others have posted.  You can comment on others videos, show you have watched it, and use emotions to show how you feel about the videos.  You can also repost the videos and share new videos in Collections (which are like Pinterest Boards).  Chill also lets you customize your page unlike any of the other sites listed.

So, while some sites get all the attention, there are still other social sites out there that can spike anyone’s Fancy!  Try these out and see which one is best suited for you and your particular interests!

Follow me on Fancy and Chill.  Sorry I do not have a Gentlemint account, I leave that to the fellas!