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You pour your entire being into creating the best blog you can, and yet, you still do not have the amount of followers you wish you did.  You read popular blogs day after day and wonder how they got so lucky as to have thousands of daily readers.  Here are six tips on how you get your blog noticed and increase readership.

Write Great Headlines 

Want people to want to read your blog?  Having a great headline will capture the readers attention and make your blog irresistible!  For example, our post Finding Content Ideas Quickly with Google+, could have simply been titled Google+ Content Ideas.  Boring!  We wanted people to know right away that they could get something worthwhile from reading our post, and we wanted them to know how Quickly they could find it!

Share, Share, Share and Make Your Blog Easy to Share!

Make sure you are sharing your blog post on every available social media network you can!  If you aren’t promoting your post, why would anyone else?  Make your blog easy to share!  If people can’t share it easily, they are less likely to share it at all!  We use the Digg Digg floating sidebar for our blog to make sure people can share it quickly and easily!

Fill in Your Meta Data and Tags

Filling in your Meta description and title will help your blog be found by search engines.  Do not skip this step!  Tags are just as important, they act as keywords for your blog post.  Keywords are how people find your blog when they are searching!  You want people to find your blog right?  We recommend you use the SEO Ultimate plugin (if you use WordPress).  This is one of the best SEO plugins available.

Post Great Content!

This seems like a no brainer, but you would be surprised at how many people do not know what great content is.  Most blog posts should be between 300-1000 words.  You want people to know you are an expert on the topic you are posting about, but you also do not want to bore them with unnecessary details.  Posting tutorials, how to videos, podcasts, and webinars are also great content ideas.

Comment on Other Peoples Blogs

When you comment on others blogs, you show that you are engaged.  Normally, this also gives you a way to attached your blog URL to your comment.  This does wonders for your SEO.  Make sure you comment on posts you are passionate about, or that really strike your interest.  If you feel the reader did a great job, tell them!  If you think you can add something positive to the post, let it be known!  Welcome comments on your own blog and you may see the people from the blogs you commented on, reciprocating!

Guest Blog

Guest Blogging is a great way to show a totally new audience that you are an expert on your topic.  This gives you a new audience to showcase your blog to, by linking.  There are tons of sites out there right now who want you! Do not be afraid to also have people guest blog on your own blog.  This gives you more posts on your blog and even more expertise!

Have more tips that made your blog successful?  We would love to hear about them!

Nina is the owner of Fresh View Concepts. With over 10 years combined graphic design and social media experience, she brings her expertise to every post she writes!

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business success tips
business success tips

It is a great help in creating a breat blog and to get a blog noticed online, a great help if the blog is used in all businesses for having a fresh content is great for blogs and websites.


Good stuff. i think that one of the big problems that bloggers have is that many of them are approaching it for the wrong reasons though and this needs to be sorted out before anything else. I would suggest blogging as a way of showing off expertise in any given subject areas. Way too many bloggers are under the mistaken impression that the key to blogging success is writing at least one article every day. And while there is some merit to that, if your core business isn't blogging you're going to be wasting time trying to come up with 500+ words for a new article every day and going to produce lower-quality content. I think the better approach is to focus on writing a very professional article once in a while that demonstrates true expertise in any given niche. You can do that once every few weeks or months and focus on your core business most of the time. To supplement that, I would recommend using your normal Facebook or Twitter account that most people are logged in most of the time anyway and writing short observations whenever the mood strikes. And its not hard to post on these networks because the vast majority of people are on there everyday anyway. Over time, by promoting yourself on your website, through Facebook ads, through the types of services listed at http://www.buyfacebookfansreviews.com for example, and through other methods, you can build up a nice little dedicated niche over time without going to the extreme and trying to keep an actual blog active, which involves a surprising amount of time to handle and you get the best of both worlds. Besides, with so many people essentially using Facebook and Twitter as their RSS feeds nowadays, I think that this type of strategy has quite a few additional merits. A handful of great articles is much better to have than a lot of average content. I think many businesses that are currently trying to blog nearly every day would be better off following the aforementioned approach.


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