How to get Web Traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest is now the third largest social media site in the world behind Facebook and Twitter.  Women are still the largest percentage of users and more people are joining the social giant site every day.  So how can you leverage Pinterest as a viable source of website traffic?

Great Pins

People on Pinterest want visual stimulation!  Make your pins attractive to people so they will want to like and repin them! Know what types of pins your followers are looking for.  Test different pins to see which ones get the most action!  The more you pin, the more exposure you will have to the Pinterest community.  If you think Pinterest is a good fit for your company, use it just as much as you would Facebook and Twitter.


Describe your content!  Tell people what the pin is really about to add value to the photo.  For example, if you pin a photo of a beautiful diamond ring and describe it as ‘A stunning 2ct. emerald cut diamond engagement ring’, it may get more attention then if it did not have a caption at all.  Captions are also good for vague photos in which, if the pin is described, it will give more meaning to it.

‘Likes’ and ‘Repins’ and Comments

Do unto others!  If you want people to repin your pins, do the same for them!  People will notice you are active on Pinterest, and will check out your boards to see what you are pinning.  Liking pins will also get you more exposure.  Commenting on other people pins is a great way to interact and start conversations with people on Pinterest.  Just as you would make connections in other social media platforms, make sure you are doing the same in Pinterest.

Follow Other Pinners

Make sure to follow other pinners so you can see what they are pinning.  They will more than likely follow you back as well.  If you do not follow people, how will they know you are there?

Link to your Own Site

If the photos are coming from your website, make sure a link to your website present with the pin.  When people want to see more, they will click the link back to your site!  The more pins you have from your site, the higher the click-through rate will be.  I do not suggest having all of your pins from your own site, but having a good portion is key.

Add a Pinterest Button to your Site

Adding a Pinterest button to your website gives people an easy way to share your content from your site.  A good WordPress Pinterest plugin to use would be the Pinterest ‘Pin it’ Button.

Because so many people are active on Pinterest, it has the potential to be a click-through powerhouse.  Find your Pinterest niche and get started with social media ROI success!

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