Google+: To Be or Not To Be

Google + is a social networking website by Google. There are already different social networking websites like Facebook, twitter, My Space etc. Now Google also has taken its chance to introduce their innovative ideas in the sector of social networking. Google has created some entirely new features for their social networking solution.

Google+ Circles

Google+ gives their user a superb opportunity to maintain friends, relative, coworkers separately. In this way, discussion about a topic becomes easier as separate discussions can be created for a separate group of people who will be interested in that topic. This separation into different groups is known as circles. One can maintain separate circle of friends, relatives and can post things that are meant for that specific group of people. This avoids several problems related to privacy.

Google+ Huddle

Google+ Huddle is also a great feature like Google+ Circle. Google+ Huddle makes it possible to communicate with multiple friends simultaneously. One can plan group meetings, group studies or other group activities using this feature.

Google+ Hangout

Google+ Hangout is a totally new concept which is also unique with Google+. You can hang out with your friends in a virtual platform using this technique. You can convince a total circle of friends from Google+ Circle to hang out with you. Using Google+ hangout you can also have group video chat with your friends and share it on YouTube with your other friends.

Google+ Sharing

Google+ Sharing feature provides a powerful way to promote you voice, thoughts or your creation. And using the sandbar feature one can post or share anything with their Google+ friends without even entering in Google+. Google+ provides a great way to share and upload pictures by connecting with your own Google Picasa web album. And then you can control your sharing with the Picasa web album itself as only those pictures which are set as the public are shared.

Google+ Android

Google+ Android application provides an excellent way to connect with your friends through mobile. The android application for Google+ is designed to enable the user to use prime features of Google+ like circle, hangout etc.

Features and Impact on market

This social networking website provides a great privacy feature which enables the user to choose circle which will only view the post created by the user. It also had an enormous impact on business and SEO field too. Google+ encourages their users to specify their name and email address with every article and blog posts created by them. Then verify the email address with author’s Google+ account. This helps in promotion of that article through Google by making it visible in Google+ search.

Future of this platform

Google+ is still growing, currently it is not so popular like Facebook or Twitter, but it has the potential to be the ultimate social networking platform. This will create a competition in the market of social networking as it has introduced tons of new features. But this is still a question mark business for Google. Instead of providing detail information about every feature many users found it difficult to manage in this social networking platform. We will have to wait to see whether it can create a crisis for other social networking website.