Help Us Succeed!

Recently, we decided to ask you, our loyal supporters to go to our Indiegogo page to support us!  So, if you haven’t already done so, please visit to help support Fresh View Concepts!

Thanks for support us, we love you for it!

Here is the summary from our Indiegogo page:

Short Summary

My name is Nina Churchill and I am the owner of Fresh View Concepts.  I started Fresh View Concepts in March 2011 because I was sick of hearing about web designers that would do half the work and then just disappear.  I wanted to give customers well designed and funtional websites, while providing them with superior customer service.  I recently went full time with Fresh View Concepts in May 2012.

What We Need & What You Get

I need $2000 to really get started.  A few things I need are:

-Microsoft Office 2010 for Business.  This will help me keep eveything organized, as well as give me more tools to help run my business.

-This money will help me pay for Adobe Creative Suite monthly.

-I need a second monitor to help me work quickly and efficiently.

-This will help me pay off the computer I had to buy because my old hard drive broke.

-I will start a local marketing plan that will boost lead generation and brand awareness.

-I will start a savings fund that will help me get into a small office!

If I do not reach my goal of $2000, anything that is raised will still go toward the things mentioned above.

The Impact

I truly believe that Fresh View Concepts has the ability to have an impact on the job market.  I want to give people jobs, and I believe that the people I hire will be able to give my customers a top of the line website that can, in turn, get my customers more business.  This can only help the Jacksonville economy as a whole!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot give money, you can still help!  Any old office furniture you do not want, I would love to have!  Chairs, bookcases, old computers, paper, ink, office supplies, anything really!

Also, if you have a little extra space in your office that you are not using, and think it would be a great place for Fresh View Concepts, let me know!
Thank you so much for supporting my business!  It means more than you will ever know!