Facebook Marketing Tips for Freelance Photographers

Although anyone with a decent smartphone can take high-quality pictures these days, professional photographers are still extremely sought after in a wide range of markets. Even with HD video and the 4G streaming capabilities a lot of us have, nothing captures the moment like a breathtaking picture. Thus freelance photographers are still in high demand, and using Facebook to market your photography business is a great idea.

If you’re a general freelancer looking to use Facebook to market your business, you can find great tips here. But if your goals are specific to freelance photography, then the tips listed below might help you gain some recognition.

1: Let Your Profession Show Through the Page

Ambiguity doesn’t cut it with freelance photography. There’s a lot of competition out there, and unless your Facebook page actually reflects what it is you’re doing, people are going to gloss over your page. Think about capturing a user’s attentions in an understated, elegant way. You’ve seen a good Facebook page before (and if you haven’t, browse some of the top brands). They’re not outlandishly colorful or packed down with bloated page elements. They’re attractive and utilize the space wisely by taking advantage of what they post.

Most of all, however, these top pages let you know what it is they’re about. Follow the successful formula and show off your profession.

2: Step Outside of the Box

One of the top ways a freelance photographer is going to gain attention is by showing off their work. You have a solid opportunity here to turn your quality photos into unique page posts which will hopefully earn a lot of likes, start a lot of dialogue, and earn you a lot of recognition. But look beyond simply posting “quality.” Play to your market by posting unique, captivating photos that they cannot see anywhere else. Originality trumps all when you’re trying to stand out amongst the competition.

3: Market to a Broader Range

One of your goals as a freelance photographer is to earn gigs with quality publications. Another goal, equally important, is to be recognized for your work. You want to extend your reach past simply marketing for a publishers’ eyes; you want to develop a fan base and brand yourself as any business would. Face it: You’re a business now. And while you may be a business of one, it is a business nonetheless. To that end, your goals extend beyond clients. You have to get your brand out there and recognized.

4: Utilize the Facebook Platform

Choosing the right ad management app is important when attempting to fully utilize the Facebook platform. Yes, Facebook does come chocked full of features, like their Custom Audiences which allows you to market directly to your contacts, and other features to help you gain some recognition. But much of what you’ll do is ad-driven, from turning posts into ads and running multiple campaigns to successfully driving traffic to different locations. Familiarize yourself with ad-creation and management.

5: Show Some Consistency

This isn’t a single tip per say; it’s more like a wide assortment of tips under the same banner of consistency. You should set and adhere to a schedule for posting as a freelance photographer. You also need to reply to people who reply to you or who message you about information. Consistency also refers to the quality of the pictures you’re showing. It’s not enough to put your best foot forward the first time; you have to continually shatter the mold and create that proverbial “wow” with your material.

There’s no one-size-fits-all handbook of freelance photographer success when dealing with Facebook. The truth is that you’re only going to get out what you put in, and that depends on your quality, your consistency, and your willingness to brand yourself to your market. These tips can help, but it’s up to you to follow through.