Growing Importance of Building your Online Presence

Online marketing is growing in popularity by the day. Marketing does involve a whole lot of moving parts. More importantly, with each passing day, there is a rapid increase in the number of online elements required to carry out e-marketing. But it needs to be kept in mind that online marketing is a complete system that can be operated only by proper assembling and integration of the major parts into one single format.

Online presence is definitely the key to success irrespective of the type of business conducted to the virtual medium. It is not about the transaction procedures or social media networking or even about purchasing online ads. What matters most is how well the online presence is maintained.

It is necessary to develop or build a complete Online Presence. The process is very similar to construction of a very tall and sturdy building, floor by floor, step by step, in some specific order or stages. The stages of building an Online Presence may differ from one individual to another but the motto will be to reach the top of a virtual, integrated marketing system. Below provided is a seven-stage model to build a complete Online Presence without facing any complex jargon.

The 7 Stages of Online Presence:

Content Platform –> Organic SEO –> Email Marketing –> Social Media Marketing –> Online Advertising –> Mobile & Location –> Analytics and Conversion

Content Platform

Content Platform is the first stage that involves developing a strong listening station with certain tools like TweetDeck, Google Alerts, Sprout Social, etc. This will be the starting point from where the user will gain an insight view of the market, the available important groups, and associated competitors. This is also the stage where initial starting of the work through right keyword sorting takes place.

Organic SEO

The online presence should be such that the name keeps getting listed at the top of the search engine page. This can create a big difference between success and failure. SEO procedures can be highly time-consuming and complicated. However, online marketing and business sites can achieve positive results by following the organic SEO concept. This concept comprises of 3 major elements:

  • Informative contents filled with rich and right set of keywords
  • Ensure to make it search engine friendly
  • Drawing quality links from higher ranked sites

Email Marketing

Choose a reputed ESP and try to build a list of all those email subscribers who have shown interest in the site. In fact, social media can well be the tool to carry out this process effectively.

Social Media Marketing

Creating accounts in reputed social media sites Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can be beneficial in developing a strong Online Presence. However, a group of dedicated clients should be targeted to start proceedings.

Online Advertising

Online advertising through Pay per Click process can be very effective. In fact, creating backward link to reputed sites and vice versa can also be beneficial for the cause. Google Adware can be used to carry out the PPC advertisement process in a proper way.

Mobile & Location

The marketing website needs to be mobile and tablet friendly. Using tools like GoMobi, WPTouch, or Tekora, websites can be made mobile and tablet friendly. Mobile and tablets are extremely important gadgets these days. Hence, marketing websites that are mobile-friendly in nature and through which shopping can take place will definitely catch attention of many.

Analytics & Conversion

Measuring the success rate is extremely important and then tries to convert it into one step higher. There is no limitation to success rate. Some of the best analytics tools are Spring Metrics, Google Analytics, and Kiss Metrics