Facebook Business Pages: Back to the Basics

facebook business pageWhy should your business use Facebook? With more than one billion active users and over half of those users signing on every day, it can be great way to get inexpensive exposure for your company. It gives you the opportunity to attract potential customers who would not have otherwise known about your company.  Facebook can also be a great way to provide customer service quickly and efficiently.  Facebook is most valuable when used as an extension to of your company website.

Social Media is now widely accepted as a major player in any company’s marketing mix.  It is no longer just a trend, and can have major ROI when properly implemented.

Promoting Your Facebook Business Page

So, how do customers get to your Facebook page easily?  There are a few ways.  Put a link to Facebook on your website; this is a great way to connect your customers to everything you have on the web. You can also put a link to your page in your monthly email newsletter.  This has become a standard in most emails, and can be easily integrated.  One of the ways Facebook gives you is a Custom URL (username).

To use this feature you must first have 25 fans, but it is well worth the wait, which is usually only a matter of days if you make sure to promote your page.  This gives you the ability to put your company name (if you prefer) in the link.   For example, we use FreshViewConcepts as a username, so our link is www.facebook.com/FreshViewConcepts.   A custom URL makes it easy for your customers to remember, so they do not have to go hunt down a direct link to your page.Facebook cover photo- Fresh View Concepts

Posting to Your Facebook Page

Now you are ready to start posting!  You can post about what products or services you offer, specials you are having, or company news.  But be careful, you do not always want to talk just about your company.  Although your fans follow you because they want to know more about your company, they become “burnt out” when they hear too much.  Give them information they can really use that also complements your business.  For example, Fresh View Concepts posts about the company, but also posts about the latest trends in social media and web design.  Also, you want to make sure you are interacting with your customers.  If they comment on a post or ask a question, answer them back promptly.  This will let them know you care about what they have to say and how they are feeling.  You can also have a bit of fun and make your page fun for your fans.  Ask questions with the ‘Questions’ feature or make it a poll!  It is a great way to get customer feedback about a product or service.  If you wanted know what your customers thought about a new product, this would be the tool to use.

This leads us to EdgeRank.  Think every time you post something it is seen by everyone of your fans?  Most likely, it is not.  Facebook uses a specific formula to determine which posts each user sees.  If fans interact with your page continuously; liking posts, commenting, and sharing; this increases the chance more people will see your posts.  Links, pictures, and videos also have a higher ranking than just a regular status update, so include those when you can.  If your fans are interacting, it is more likely that their friends will also interact.  This is because of the likelihood that an interaction will post to the fan’s timeline.  Bottom line, engage your customers!

Facebook Analytics

How do you keep track of what is working and what is not?  A Facebook business page gives you the tools to track almost everything from new likes to post interactions. ‘Overview’, ‘Likes’, and ‘Reach’ tabs gives you information by weeks and months.  It tells you how many new likes you have and if it is up or down from the previous week/month; as well as how many weekly/monthly active users you have, lifetime likes, how many post views, and how much post feedback you received.   These tabs give you tons of information on how users are interacting, whether its liking a post, commenting, or even how many are unique visitors.  It also tells you what age groups and gender your users are and what country and city they are from.  Pages your users are looking at are also shown.  These tabs can give you good information on which posts were looked at the most, and can help you sort out which types posts are working best for your company.  It gives you total impressions (views) and feedback percentage (percentage based on how many fans you have).

Now that you have all the basic tools for your Facebook business page, it is time to put it to work!