NO Facebook! Google Plus is the Key to Earn Small Business Success!

google plusOf late, there is a lot of discussion surrounding Google Plus and the way it’s useful for business promotion especially for smaller business ventures. The fact is, since its inception, Google Plus has been a beneficial place for business promotion, much better than Facebook and other social media sites. Hence smaller businesses, which were leveraging this social media platform, are seen getting outstanding results in terms of conversion and revenues. Since it is owned by Google, the giant search engine, it could prove to be a great gateway to flourish your business online. The below is the list of ways to earn success for your smaller size businesses on Google Plus.

It’s growing with a faster pace

If you check the growth of Google Plus, the rate of growth and its popularity in terms of social domain seems to be much faster than Facebook and other social networking sites. Facebook was launched in 2004 has now reached to 800 milliongoogle plus users, while Google Plus in less than two years has pumped in more than 400 million people over it. Technically speaking, the growth rate of Google Plus seems to be four times than Facebook. Small businesses often look for growth, hence to get success in less duration Google Plus could be the option for you to promote your business online. Lastly, considering the presence of Google, you get better search results with Google Plus when you consider it in your online marketing strategy.

Better search results

The search results that you find having images is often the posts by different Google + users. The number of Google + account holders makes this happen over the search results. It is usually accepted that the posts, which are carried out by qualified users are now be able to influence the search results and thus gain better ranks. Also, Google Plus users are now being considered as more trusted users as compared to other social media sites, hence they are more likely to give better results over the number of searches carried out over Google. If you are able to post quality content for your business, the results you get would be far better than the others. Lastly, with competent business promotion strategy, you could end up getting more local searches, which is not possible over Facebook or any other social media sites.

Better tools for your business marketing

Google is a big family wherein you could find a number of tools and products available online, that can help you in your business promotion provided you base your online marketing strategies on Google Plus. Once you start using Google Plus for your business promotion, Google will help you in providing better ways through its various tools like Gmail, Maps, Search, and YouTube to make your business venture more visible before your target audience. Small businesses can therefore employ a good team based on experiences marketers to create effective content and promote their products and services over Google Plus along with linking up relevant content found with different authors and users. In this way, with competent strategy over Google Plus, you can end up getting favorable search results for your business.

Final word

With passing time it seems that slowly and steadily Google will be shifting all the things over Google Plus. Therefore soon, it will be used like a search engine, to find better and personalized results. At such junctures, small businesses, which struggle hard to reach to their small and specific target audiences, can find Google Plus as the best resort to find better results.

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