How to Convert an Image to PDF in Adobe Bridge

Don’t have Adobe Acrobat X Pro and still need to convert an image or images into a PDF?  This tutorial will show you how to convert an image into a PDF and also how to put multiple images into one PDF file.

First, open Adobe Bridge and search for the image you wish to convert to PDF.  This is what your screen should look like (except with your images!)

Adobe Bridge

Next, click on Output at the top of the Adobe Bridge window:

Adobe Bridge Output

Make sure that the PDF button is highlight in the Output menu on the right side of the screen:

Adobe Bridge PDF

For the setting in the Output menu, you are able to choose what type of document the file is (paper, photo, web, custom).  You can choose a size, add a header/footer, choose a background color, have the file name show underneath the image, etc.  You can play around with these settings to customize the what you want to show and how you want to present your image in your PDF.  Here we have chosen to make the image 5×7 and the background black.  We chose not to show the file name or have a header or footer.  Once you have your settings the way you want them, make sure “View PDF after Save” is checked, then click “Save” at the bottom of the menu.

Adobe Bridge PDF

Save your PDF in the folder you wish it to be saved in and Adobe Bridge will generate the image and it will then pop up in Acrobat.  Easy right?!

Now to save more than one image into one PDF file:

Click back to the Essentials tab at the top of the Adobe Bridge Window.  Make sure all of the images you want to have in the PDF file are in the same folder.  Use SHIFT+Click to select the image you want to include in your PDF.

Adobe Bridge Mulitple image PDF

Click on “Output” at the top of the Adobe Acrobat Window and make sure the PDF button is highlighted.  Also, above the images in the middle of the Adobe Acrobat window, make sure tab “Preview” tab is selected so that you can view both images at the same time.  We used the same settings as the first example.  Make sure you set the settings how you want them, check the “View PDF after Save” and click “Save”.

Save in the folder you want as before, and Adobe Bridge will generate the PDF and Acrobat will pop up.  Make sure to scroll down in Acrobat to see both images.  WOW! So easy! Here is what our images look like in Adobe Acrobat: Flags

So that is it, practice with the settings to get the images exactly how you want them.  Designers: you can even add crop marks for those flyers!

A Review of Adobe Creative Cloud CS6

Recently, I upgraded to the new Adobe Creative Cloud CS6.  I find this to be one of the best upgrades Adobe has done, especially with the addition of the Cloud.  I wanted to share with you some of the cool new features that are included with the new version!

What is Creative Cloud?

Adobe® Creative Cloud™ is the digital hub that lets you download and install every Adobe Creative Suite® 6 application; access online services for file sharing, collaboration, and publishing; and benefit from new apps and features as soon as they’re released — giving you the freedom to create anything you can imagine. (Adobe)


Adobe now gives you the ability to have membership, which are $49.99 a month with a year contract.  I don’t know about you, but this a great idea for people and businesses that cannot afford the price sticker on the full creative suite software which was usually around $1800.  Then, when Adobe updated, you would have to purchase the updated software.  Not with the new memberships!  Adobe gives you full access to all updates!

The Cloud

Now you can share files quickly and easily with the new Creative Cloud!  Share files between computers, with clients, or with other team members!  Adobe gives you 20GB of free Cloud space, which is more than enough to store a few projects at a time!  The Cloud also gives you the ability to download the software, anytime and anywhere!  There are tons of new programs that are now available to you as a Cloud member!  Plus, if you want to buy some of the new apps that are available, Adobe will give you a month of the Cloud for free!  The Cloud membership also gives you free hosting for up to 5 websites! With all of these great new features, Adobe Creative Cloud CS6 practically pays for itself!

New Photoshop Features

This is in no way a comprehensive list of all of the new features Photoshop CS6 has to offer, but here are a few that make design life a bit easier!  First, the crop tool is much different, but much more efficient.  Have you ever cropped something the wrong way or need to resize the crop, but in previous version you had to undo and start over?  Photoshop CS6 gives you a crop tool that you can maneuver over and over again until you have the desired crop.  Great update!  Next, Photoshop itself has gotten a facelift! It is now a very dark gray, which in my opinion makes it easier to work on because of the contrast with the white art board.  Also, all of the menus are compact, giving you more room to work on your projects!  You can still go back to the old Essentials tab if you feel the need to.

There are tons of new features between all of the updated Adobe programs, but hopefully this shows you why I have made the switch so quickly to the new Adobe Creative Cloud CS6.  Not ready for the cloud? Adobe still gives you the ability to download the software without the Cloud!  Happy designing!