Tips on Using Twitter for Effective Communication

With the advent of social media websites, communication has redefined itself. Twitter has taken the lead as an effective communication tool and one can use it for a range of functions. Follow the below listed tips and realize the true potential of Twitter.

Follow Others

It will be a wise business strategy to follow those that are of interest to you and your business needs. This works in two ways. More the number of people you follow, chances are that you will be followed. Be clear in the thoughts you wish to convey and adopt a strategy of following individual users rather than a group at a given time. This will help you build up relation with others and will help you achieve success in your business. If using twitter for professional and company needs it is best to follow other people in the business.


Twitter is an effective tool but only if you communicate. It will be a wise decision to use @username to reply to a comment. In case you desire to bring more than one person into the discussion, you can consider adding more than one @username. In case, more than one person is tweeting on your comment consider using distinct username for replying. This will not only establish your identity with the users but is also considered as an essential twitter ethic.


You should use the retweet button while sharing tweet with other users. The retweet button is present below the tweet button. Put innovation at work and instead of simply using the retweet button consider using RT@username. This is to be followed by the tweet accompanied by the views on the tweet.

Direct Messaging

Direct messaging is the best way of establishing an effective communication channel. You should use direct messaging method to connect to the people who follow you. In case you are using twitter for professional reasons, the direct messaging service should not only be used for posting links. It will be better if you consider having direct messaging to thank the followers. This is the best way of joining the communication. If you wish to use posting links for some specific reasons, the long links might exceed the limit of 140 characters. In such cases use specific services that help in shortening of links.

Maintain lists

Maintain lists for better understanding. These lists are similar to public groups. In case you are using twitter for professional purposes, it might be possible that you may be following hundreds of users. Following and keeping track of all the tweets might be a challenging task in such a situation. Twitter lists can come handy in such circumstances. Apart from creating your lists, you can consider adding yourself to public lists created by others.

Social media has brought revolution in communication. Pay attention to the above listed tips and ensure increased return for your business. Effective communication is an art, follow the ethics and realize the benefits.