Finding Content Ideas Quickly with Google+

Do you have trouble coming up with ideas on what to post on Facebook, Twitter, or even Google+?  Do you wish you had more ways of generating ideas for your blog?  I have found a quick and easy way to get more content ideas from searching within Google+.  Here’s how!

First thing you want to do is sign into Google+, go to your Google+ stream, and, above it, is a Google search bar.

Type in the search term closest to what type of content you are looking for.  You want to get a close match so that you eliminate things that you do not need from your search.  We chose Social Media.  Once you type in what you want to search, click the search icon.

The stream pops up with posts that are on Google+, as well as news from the internet!  How easy!  If you like what you find, save the search!

The saved search is then saved to the left sidebar of your Google+ profile.  Next time you want to look at the results, simply click on your search term in the left column, and the stream will pop up with the latest and greatest news!  Saving the search is a very useful tool.  You do not constantly have to type in what you want to search, just simply click on the topic you already searched for!

It is that easy!  The search results in the stream are generally more narrow than what you would find from just doing a regular Google search.  I also find them much more interesting and useful as well!  Google+ lets you save as many of the searches as you like, so in this example, social media could really have been broken down into many different searches, such as, Facebook, Twitter, or social media ROI.  There are endless search possibilities, so give it a try!

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