Our Latest Web Project

GlassMage, our latest web project, is Live!!

Features of this website:


Feel free to browse the website, and if you know someone that is getting married, send them to the site to get custom engraved glassware!

About GlassMage:

‘Personalized Etched Glassware for Special Occasions. Wedding Glasses, Cake Serving Sets, Unity Candles, Centerpieces, Sand Unity Sets.
The engraving on these items is done in the time-honored method of Deep Sandblast Etching, which in addition to being permanent, also gives you the Finest, Crispest text and images you can find anywhere, bar none! Personalization done with chemicals, inks, laser, or rotary engravers is Inferior By Far to the process we use, and we stand behind our work 100%. But it’s more than just the proper tools– it’s Craftsmanship!
I take great pride in my work, and especially enjoy making ‘one-of-a-kind’ pieces for my customers. The engraving I do on glass is done with a sandblast process which gives a depth and look not achievable with those hand-held ‘toys’ so many ‘hobbyists’ use. This process is more expensive to produce, but in the end, the look and feel of the final product is well worth it. If you’re looking for a professional job well done, you’ve come to the right place!’


How to make the TM symbol in HTML

I was doing some work today, and realized that I did not know how to insert the trademark (TM)  symbol (or the copyright symbol for that matter) into a WordPress page or title.  I did a little Googleing and quickly stumbled across a site that gave me exactly what I needed and decided to share it!  I learned that you can put this code anywhere and it works.  I even put it in the title of a page (we all know how hard it is to do anything with a WordPress title!).  So here it is!

Trademark symbol™:  ™    or    ™

Copyright symbol©:  ©         or      ©

Registered Trademark Symbol®:  ®    or      ®


These should show up across all browsers, but you all know how IE is…

I hope this simple code helps someone in need like I was!

Here is a link to the original blog post I got this information from  http://www.electrictoolbox.com/tm-symbol-html/