Not Using Facebook Business Manager? Shame On You

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Why use Facebook Business Manager you ask? Well for one, efficiency. Who doesn’t want to take less time to do the same amount of work? Facebook Business Manager puts everything from Pages to Ad Manager to Pixels all in one place.  The best part? No one more logging in and out of client accounts to manage their ads or using one form of payment for all our your client ads. If you don’t love that, stop reading and go bill your clients for their ad spend.

Another powerful thing the Business Manager does is it keeps you away from your personal newsfeed.  No more can you say, ‘Well it was right there, I had to look at the cat video and the cute panda and the funny meme for the last two hours’.  Ain’t nobody got time for that. (See what I did there?)

Now, on to the cool features.


In the Facebook Business Manager, you can claim or request access to all of your client’s Business Pages quickly and easily.  These pages are then neatly organized and even searchable for those of you with endless clients and a pocket full of cash. In the Pages Dashboard, you can easily add people to the page, add partners (Hootsuite, LocBox, you name it), view history and even add new pages.

Facebook pages business manager

(I don’t really only have 3 accounts, stop judging me)

Ad Accounts

This is everyone’s dream feature.  You can add client ad accounts to the Manager and manage several ad accounts in the same place!  If that doesn’t make you switch over to the Business Manager, then you my friend, love working long hours and drinking endless cups of espresso into the wee hours of the morning all for the sake of..well, telling people you work long hours. You can claim ad accounts or request access to let the client choose which permissions to give you. It also gives you the option of creating new ad accounts for new clients.

ad accounts facebook business manager


This brings us to…..separate billing!  Using your client’s payment information to pay for their own ads, who would have thought?! Simply add in their information, connect it to an account and go.  You can also manage current payments in client own ad accounts if you have the proper permissions.


Adding people (and removing them for that matter) has never been easier. You can add people as Business Admins or Employees depending on their job task.  Since they are connected to the Business Manager, all you have to do is add them one time or remove them one time no matter how many accounts you assign them to. You also have the option of adding people to special projects you have started and giving them tasks to complete.

people roles facebook business manager


Everything is summed up in a handy dashboard.  You can see a summary of how each page or ad campaign is doing, add favorites, create ads, change settings and so on.

facebook business manager

There are tons of other features available through the Business Manager like adding Projects, Facebook Pixels, Product Catalogs for ads, Apps, etc. Now is the time to embrace these free tools that can help save you time and money. But if you don’t like efficiency, I’ll know where to find you and I’ll donate to your Starbucks GoFundMe.

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5 Interesting Stats on Social Media

I recently conducted a survey to see which social media sites people used most frequently and why they used them and not others.  Here is what I found:

1. Which social media sites do you use most frequently?

‘Twitter’ showed a 60% usage rate and ‘Facebook’ collected the remaining 40%.  ‘Google+’, ‘Pinterest’, and ‘YouTube’ received no votes and the ‘Other’ option was also unused.

2. Do you Share Pictures?

‘Sometimes’ received 60% and ‘Yes’ received the remaining 40%.  ‘Always’, ‘Never’, and ‘Who Care’s had no votes.

3. What do you like most about the your social media site of choice?

50% said ‘I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA!’,  33% said ‘All my friends use it’ and 17% said ‘It’s easy to use’.  ‘ I don’t use social media’ and ‘Other’ had no votes.

4. What would you change about social media?

80% answered ‘Just a few tweeks, like easier sharing and seeing all my friends posts, not just some’ and 20% answered ‘Nothing, its great and its free’.   ‘Everything, it sucks’ and ‘Other’ had no votes.

5. Why don’t you use other social media sites as much as the one you chose in question 1?

This one got some interesting answers!  50% said they ‘Don’t have time’, 17% said because ‘Their friends aren’t on it’ and 33% answered ‘Other’.  No one answered ‘Boring’, ‘Don’t Care’, or ‘They all suck’.

The ‘Other’ answers are as follows:

–“I do use other sites, but this is not a fair comparison. You can’t compare something like Facebook and Youtube and ask why you would use one more than the other without limiting the question to some kind of function that they share. One is a totally different value proposition than the other. That’s like asking why you don’t go to the movies more than you go to Taco Bell.”

–“I use them all!”

The survey was a simple one, with only responses required.  No gender, age, education, or job information was required.

I find it interesting that in Questions 3 and 5, it mattered if their friends were on the social media platform.  Are you influenced by what social media sites your friends are on?  Would you use Twitter if no one you knew were using it?

In Question 5, do you agree that asking why you don’t use one social site as much as another is not a fair comparison?  Or do you think there are connected reasons of why you use Twitter more than Facebook?

It was nice to see in Question 4, that most people are generally satisfied with their social media platform of choice, and wouldn’t change very much about it.  What would you change about your social media site of choice?

What answers would you have chosen if you had taken this quiz?

If you were conducting a social media survey, what would you have added/subtracted from the survey?