Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day!

Whether you believe or not, you can have a successful social media marketing campaign in a mere ten minutes a day! While it is true that the more time you spend on it, the better ROI you will receive, it is still possible to have a respectable ROI from those ten minutes.  Follow the plan outlined below, and you will be able to custom fit these ten minutes into your day!

2 Minutes on Facebook

Have a post ready in your mind for Facebook when you log on.  Post first.  This will eliminate getting lost in all the interesting things people are posting on Facebook too soon.  Once you have put out your post, go to the Home page and quickly scan over the posts from others.  If you find something(s) interesting, like it or comment on it.  This will keep you active in the Facebook community.

4 Minutes on Twitter

Post First!  This will do the same thing as it does for Facebook, keep you focused!  after posting, look at your mentions tab to see if there is anyone mentioning you or wanting to start a conversation with you.  Then go to the retweet tab and quickly thank anyone that retweeted one of your tweets.  Do this 3 more times throughout the day, and there is your four minutes!

4 Minutes on LinkedIn

Yes, I give LinkedIn more time than Facebook!  LinkedIn needs those extra two minutes for looking for some great new contacts!  After you sign into LinkedIn, check for messages and invitations.  If you have invitations, look at the person’s connections, and see if any are good for you to also connect with.  If you do not, simply search for people you might already know, or that may be in your field or your area.  Quickly scan these and invite them to connect!

Want a more efficient way?  Get HootSuite!  HootSuite is great for managing all of your accounts in one place.  Substitute HootSuite for your four minutes on Twitter.  You can use HootSuite to post and scan tweets, but instead of signing on to Twitter four times in a day, you can simply schedule tweets to go out at specific times, giving you a few extra minutes to scan more tweets or start a conversation!

So, there you have it!  Social Media in ten minutes a day!  The more you practice this plan, the better you will be at scanning and posting, and you will, in turn, push out better content for your followers!

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