Think No One Is Clicking? Think Again!

You are on Twitter.  You tweet, retweet, connect, and you feel as though no one is really listening.  Your follower growth is modest or has even slowed down.  You start to ask yourself why you even bother taking all the precious time out of your day to post.  You think, people do not care what I’m posting about, especially not when I post about my own business or blog.  Think Again!

People are clicking your links and reading your content! One of the best things about HootSuite (our social dashboard of choice) are the custom reports you can create to monitor your click-through rates.  Here are some interesting things we found:

On our Twitter account, @Freshviewjax, out of the 8 most popular links that we tweeted, the top 7 are tweets about our blog, our guest posts, and our Facebook page.  Also out of those 8 tweets, none of them are retweets.  Now, you must take into account that we tweet on average 6 tweets a day.  This report is for the past two weeks.  So, 14 days, 6 tweets/retweets a day, would be an average of 84 tweets.  Out of 84 tweets, the top 8 clicked links are one’s about our business!  That is incredible!

We also looked at @llihruhc, which tweets an average of 8 tweets per day, which would be an average of 112 tweets in two weeks.  Out of all of those tweets, the top 4 clicked links were about our company!

HootSuite analytics Click Throughs

Now, it is still incredibly important to tweet about other things that may be going on in your industry.  This adds value for your followers, and shows them that you do not always want to promote yourself.  However, from these stats, I have concluded that people like to see you creating your own content!  This is the number one reason I believe that blogging and social media are absolutely key to many businesses.  It not only shows your expertise in your field, but it also drives traffic to your website.  Traffic to your website equals leads and sales!  Everyone wants leads and sales!

Moral of the story today is, get out there and tweet!  Tweet, retweet, and most importantly, create content!

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How to Save Time with Twitter Shortcuts

Many of you may not know about the cool shortcuts that Twitter offers in it’s social media platform to help you use it more quickly and efficiently.  These shortcuts are easy to remember and will help save you time.  Practice these shortcuts on the Twitter site so that you can get the hang of them quickly!  Remember: these only work when you are on Twitter .  They will not work if you are using a social media monitoring platform like Hootsuite.  Hootsuite has its own set of shortcuts!  Feel free to print these out so that you can have them handy whenever you are using Twitter!  You can also use the last shortcut on the page to look at these shortcuts if you forget some!


f: Favorite
r: Reply
t: Retweet
m: Direct Message
n: New Twee
enter: Toggle details panel


?: Help Menu
j: Next Tweet
k: Previous Tweet
space: Page Down
l: Search
. : Refresh Tweets and Back to Top


gh: Home
gr: Replies/Mentions
gp: Profile
gf: Favorites
gm: Messages
gu: Go to Use

Lesser Known Shortcuts

Esc: Close Help and Compose Windows
Shift+ Space: Page Up
Shift+?: Shortcut Guide

I hope these are of some help to you as you continue on your social media journey!  Do you have any time saving tips that you use on Twitter?  Share them in the comment box below!

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Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day!

Whether you believe or not, you can have a successful social media marketing campaign in a mere ten minutes a day! While it is true that the more time you spend on it, the better ROI you will receive, it is still possible to have a respectable ROI from those ten minutes.  Follow the plan outlined below, and you will be able to custom fit these ten minutes into your day!

2 Minutes on Facebook

Have a post ready in your mind for Facebook when you log on.  Post first.  This will eliminate getting lost in all the interesting things people are posting on Facebook too soon.  Once you have put out your post, go to the Home page and quickly scan over the posts from others.  If you find something(s) interesting, like it or comment on it.  This will keep you active in the Facebook community.

4 Minutes on Twitter

Post First!  This will do the same thing as it does for Facebook, keep you focused!  after posting, look at your mentions tab to see if there is anyone mentioning you or wanting to start a conversation with you.  Then go to the retweet tab and quickly thank anyone that retweeted one of your tweets.  Do this 3 more times throughout the day, and there is your four minutes!

4 Minutes on LinkedIn

Yes, I give LinkedIn more time than Facebook!  LinkedIn needs those extra two minutes for looking for some great new contacts!  After you sign into LinkedIn, check for messages and invitations.  If you have invitations, look at the person’s connections, and see if any are good for you to also connect with.  If you do not, simply search for people you might already know, or that may be in your field or your area.  Quickly scan these and invite them to connect!

Want a more efficient way?  Get HootSuite!  HootSuite is great for managing all of your accounts in one place.  Substitute HootSuite for your four minutes on Twitter.  You can use HootSuite to post and scan tweets, but instead of signing on to Twitter four times in a day, you can simply schedule tweets to go out at specific times, giving you a few extra minutes to scan more tweets or start a conversation!

So, there you have it!  Social Media in ten minutes a day!  The more you practice this plan, the better you will be at scanning and posting, and you will, in turn, push out better content for your followers!

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How to Get the Most Out of HootSuite

Many of you may not know the benefits of using HootSuite to its full potential.  The Social Media platform offers so much to help you grow your Facebook and Twitter following faster and easier than ever.  You can connect all of your social media accounts to HootSuite, making it a time saver for those of you who do not think you have time for social media!  Here are a few tips and tricks to get the most out of this fabulous application.

Connect All of your Accounts.  HootSuite makes it easier than ever to connect all of your social media accounts in one place. This is not only convenient in the way of not having to sign into different accounts each time you want to post content, but it also lets you see in real time what you are posting on all of your accounts.  Have you ever forgotten what you have posted on your social media, but do not have time to go back and check, only to end up posting the same information more than once?  HootSuite makes this easy to avoid, by simply being able to click on your corresponding tabs and check what you have previously posted. If you are a fan of posting the same thing on your Facebook and Twitter to save time, HootSuite makes this even easier to AVOID!  You want to give your fans and followers a reason to follow you both on Facebook and Twitter, so give them thanks by posting different and useful things on both accounts.  Since you are already connected to all your accounts, you have saved yourself enough time to make your posts unique!

Use HootSuite’s Built in Scheduling Feature.  This has never been easier!  You can schedule tweets or posts singularly or in bulk.  This feature can save you tons of time, because all you have to do is schedule all of your tweets for the day at one time, if you prefer!  This means you can take five minutes in the morning, schedule your tweets for various times during the day, kind of a set-it-and-forget-it type of approach.  It is always good practice to still check your HootSuite for conversations starting around your topic, but this can be easily managed by installing the HootSuite app on your phone.  The app automatically tells you if you have been mentioned or direct messaged, so that you can respond quickly and easily!  Also, HootSuite has provided you with access to Hootlet, a browser application that allows you to tweet or post information as you see it.  Did you stumble upon a website or article that you think could be important to your fans or followers?  Simply click the Hootlet button next to your address bar and click send now!  Hootlet has already give the tweet a title and a shorten link, how easy!

Use the Keyword Stream Feature.  This tool has proven itself time and time again!  simply click ‘Add Stream’- ‘Keyword’ and add up to 3 keyword you want to have searched in the stream.  This will show you all of the buzz on those particular keyword.  For example, if we used the keyword ‘Fresh View Concepts’, we would be able to see everyone who is buzzing about us in the stream, whether we follow them or not.  This is a great way to connect with people who are interested in you company or services, and also a good way to combat bad buzz by being able to direct message people you may have otherwise not have know about.  A good way to use this feature would be to type in keywords for topics you customers may be interested in knowing about.  Graphic design would be one of our keywords, and many times we find great information on tutorials or free products that we retweet to our followers. This makes finding content quick and easy!

While there are tons of other features in HootSuite, hopefully this has given you a good start on saving yourself time, while still being able to give your fans and followers great content, and probably more content.  HootSuite is free to use for up to five accounts.  If you have more than that, it is only a couple of dollars a month to have as many accounts as you need to.  While you are using HootSuite, make sure to check out all the great features it has to offer and save yourself even more time by implementing them into your internet marketing solutions!

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