Building Your Brand Online Versus Offline

online-offline-marketing-strategyWhen your company is trying to launch and establish its brand, it’s crucial to take advantage of both online and offline brand building methods for maximum brand exposure, visibility, and effectiveness. There are benefits to each vehicle of brand building, but maintaining the popularity of your brand at the forefront is an essential daily task, especially online.

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Inbound Marketing Training Center

Through these 18 Inbound Marketing training videos provided by HubSpot, you will learn in-depth tricks of the trade and gain valuable knowledge of Inbound Marketing. You will learn about blogging, social media, SEO, landing page, marketing, and much more! Once you have completed all 18 videos, you may take the Certification Exam here.

Top 10 Best Social Media Blogs

With so many blogs out there writing about social media, how do you sort though them all to get to the best ones?  We have done that for you!  Here are ten of the best social media blogs!  These blogs cover a variety of social media topics from Facebook to Pinterest.

Social Media Today

We Are Social People



 Social Media B2B

Social Media Examiner

Likeable Media

Social Marketing Journal

 Ignite Social Media

Ask Aaron Lee

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Do you know of great Social Media Blogs that you find to be full of great social media information?  We would love to hear what they are!