What is Content Marketing?

There is a ton of buzz out there right now suggesting that Content Marketing is as important (if not more important) as Search Engine Optimization for your website and ultimately your brand.  It is true that the more information you put out there, the more likely you will be to get more people looking at your website.  If people believe that the information is useful and relevant, they will be more than willing to forward it on to their network as well. 

So, what is Content Marketing?  According to Wikipedia, “Content marketing subscribes to the notion that delivering high-quality, relevant and valuable information to prospects and customers drives profitable consumer action”.  Content Marketing takes on many forms.

Whitepapers.  Whitepapers are usually written by an expert on a specific topic to inform the reader or help them make a decision.  The benefit of writing a whitepaper would be to show that you actually are an expert in your field.  You give yourself and your business more credibility when other people can see that you are, in fact, good at what you do.  Many whitepapers tend to be marketing related, but if you have something you are knowledgeable in and you believe it would be helpful to others in your industry or to your customers, go for it!

EBooks.  The difference between an ebook and a whitepaper is that, generally, ebooks tend to be more how-to.  Hubspot does a great job with ebooks.  Ebooks will normally have pictures, links to other related sites, and great colors for a more interesting read.  If you are an expert in the marketing or social media fields, ebooks are for you!  Here is a guide on writing successful ebooks.

Blogs/Vlogs.  Blogs are a great way to showcase your talents and expertise on a particular topic or set of topics.  A blog that is engaging and interesting will bring in visitors from all over.  This is a great way to get people  to visit your website, and gather leads.  Vlogs are video blogs and can be just as important as a blog, although they may not be right for every company.  Vlogs can also be helpful if you feel you are not the best writer, but are a great speaker.  It is just another way to get your message out there.

Infographics.  These are the newest craze among graphic designers and bloggers alike.  Infographics give information through a flow of pictures and charts.  Some can be extremely helpful and others can be too crammed full of information.  You must be careful to fully plan out your infographic topic and find a graphic designer that you can work well with.  Daily Infographic has a few great ones (and one for Halloween too!)

These are just a few of the great ways you can utilize content marketing for your business.  Another great way to use content marketing, although not considered a traditional content marketing channel, is through Twitter.  There is so much information on Twitter that, the more you look and sort through it, the more you will be able to find that is relevant to your clients and people in your industry.  You can retweet tons of links, ebooks, pictures, infographics, and links to other people blogs, thus creating content.  You can also go out and search your favorite topics on StumbleUpon to get even more information on your topic of choice and tweet it out to all of your followers.  Mashable and email newsletters are also great places to get more content for your Twitter feed.

Do you use content marketing for your business?  If so, do you use any of the ideas above, or do you have your own?

Infographics change automatically!

So if you read my last blog post, you may notice that my infographics do not match my post! I just realized that the infographic changes automatically! I don’t know if that is a good thing or bad thing, but it’s kind of cool nonetheless, so just be careful if you embed the image. If you do not want it to change, just insert the image as a .jpeg and you will be fine!

An Infographic of my Twitter Profiles!

Thanks to Visual.ly you can have your own infographic made about what you post on Twitter!  Luckily, I have three!  It really did not tell me anything I did not already know about the way i post, but I guarantee it will shock some of you.  It is amusing nonetheless, and inspired me to tell you what each one of the infographics I received mean.

Ok, first is first, my own personal Twitter profile @llihcruhc (if you wonder why that is my handle, then look at it again and you will figure it out!).  Here is the infographic:

First, I got my skin color wrong, even though that is what I wish it looked like, but I got the bangs right.  They got the facial expression correct, if you couldn’t tell by my blog posts.  I picked the rosy cheeks because occasionally I like to wear blush.  The fork and burger are absolutely correct, I love food and am a secret fatty, well….I don’t know how secret it is anymore! MMMmmmm….Bacon..its getting close to lunchtime.  Anyways, yes my likely obsession is food, but not in a sandwich form.  I don’t choose to be a tenderfoot, I just don’t have alot of followers on my personal twitter account because I don’t push for it.  I believe the percentages are wrong.  I am very interesting!

Second, my business twitter profile @Freshviewjax (jax for Jacksonville, Fl).

This one is nice!   I look nice and happy, and yes, I am a geek at heart.  I sit on a computer most hours of the day, even at home.  Next, I’m not a gamer, but i do love Sega, especially because of Mortal Kombat.  The new Playstation version is cool because of the graphics, but still doesn’t compare to the old Sega version.  I still have my old Sega, may bust it out after this!  I do have an obsession with books, reading on a screen isn’t the same.  I tend to print out E-books, or good articles so I can sit and read them the old-fashioned way.  Some of my favorite books include: The Bell Jar, The Art of Racing in the Rain, Red Hats, and Are You There Vodka? Its Me,Chelsea. Again, I don’t choose to be a tenderfoot, this account is still in its infancy, only being 4 months old, and not have all the time in the world to beef it up.  The percentages are all screwy on this infographic and tell myself that I am interesting…I am…I am interesting…right?  Yes, please check out my website!

Already to the third and final Twitter profile, @GeerServices.  Geer Services is a Web Design and Development company that also specializes in database management, programming, printing, SEO, GIS, consulting, graphic design, and social media.  They are based in downtown Jacksonville, Fl.  This is the account I spent most of my time on.

I have lots of fun stuff to say about this infographic!  Still have that awesome geeky grin!  Love it!  Sweet cheeks, you can call me that if you like….  I am a techie, considering, again, I sit on a computer all day (and night).  Coffee has become an obsession because my boss makes fresh coffee available all day long!  We even have visitors bright and early in the morning, and late in the afternoon to come have coffee with us!  And it is good coffee too!  Tons of different options of creamers and sugars and sizes of cups and kinds of coffee…..I’m on my third cup today, can you tell, can you??!!  It’s great!  Again with the Tenderfoot.  I just started working on this account.  Its going up very fast and it will soon be the best account I manage!  So much good stuff to tweet about here in beautiful downtown Jacksonville!  And I have a sweet view!  Percentages are messed up on this one too, because I know this account is interesting!  Make sure to check it out, and if you need an awesome website, I know some people!

So, get on down to visual.ly and get your own infographic!  There are also tons of cool infographics already made on tons of topics like Social Media!  Feel free to follow me on any of these Twitter accounts.  You are sure to get some good tweets out of one of them, cynical or not!  That’s all for today…