The End of Twitter?

Have you noticed lately how much spam you are getting on Twitter?  It is happening more and more everyday, and it does not seem to be getting any better.   Almost everyday for a week, I have received at least two spam Direct Messages from people who I follow who have been spammed and 1 spam Mention from some fake Twitter page. Some days it was as bad as 8 spam messages. If someone clicked on one of my Mentions from these people because they were curious, I would have been sad that they got hacked on my account. If you click on the links that these spammers post, they can steal your password.  That is why innocent Twitter accounts get hacked.  If this continues to happen, many people will just simply “quit” Twitter.  No one wants to be a member of a page that only produces spam.  It has become so annoying that I was considering abandoning Twitter myself.  Instead, I decided to help stop the spam by making people aware of how they can help. Here are a few tips to avoid being used for spam.

CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD!   It does not matter if you have been hacked or not.  It is good practice to change your passwords every three months anyways, so why not do it now.  Oh no, you say? You are one of those people who only have one or two passwords and do not think you can remember yet another password?  GET OVER IT!  WRITE the now password down!  I know I’m being harsh, but come on!  I love Twitter and I do not want to see it go down the drain because people do not feel like changing their passwords!   Also, if these hackers have your one password that you use for everything, that means they have access to all of your accounts!  I believe that no one secretly wants that, so I am warning you now that hackers are smart, and will try to not only use your Twitter for spam, but they will use your credit card too.

REPORT SPAMMERS!  When someone Mentions you with a random link, report them!  Simply click to view their full profile and click “report spammer”.  This will block the person from posting anything else related to you and also prompts Twitter to investigate the persons profile.  These usually get deleted, because as you will notice, they are profiles where they do not follow anyone and no one follows them.  Easy!  As I mentioned above, I would not forgive myself if I did not look at my Twitter enough to delete bad Mentions.

DON”T BE A SPAMMER!  If you own a spam account, get off my page!  Then, STOP SPAMMING!  Delete your account.  This is not Myspace, and you cannot get away with it for long!  I do not want the same fate for Twitter as what happened to Myspace.  I want Twitter to be around for a long time, so that we can continue to spread the micro-blogging  love!

No, I do not want Twitter to end.  I have learned so much stuff from the people I follow.  I would like to continue to help make Twitter better, and hope that everyone else who loves Twitter will do the same!   Do not let these spammers win!