Pinterest Web Analytics

Today, Pinterest has announced a new feature that will let you view just exactly what is being pinned from your website and what type of people are pinning, Pinterest Web Analytics!  This is exactly what marketers have been waiting for since the launch of Pinterest business pages in November.

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How to get Web Traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest is now the third largest social media site in the world behind Facebook and Twitter.  Women are still the largest percentage of users and more people are joining the social giant site every day.  So how can you leverage Pinterest as a viable source of website traffic?

Great Pins

People on Pinterest want visual stimulation!  Make your pins attractive to people so they will want to like and repin them! Know what types of pins your followers are looking for.  Test different pins to see which ones get the most action!  The more you pin, the more exposure you will have to the Pinterest community.  If you think Pinterest is a good fit for your company, use it just as much as you would Facebook and Twitter.


Describe your content!  Tell people what the pin is really about to add value to the photo.  For example, if you pin a photo of a beautiful diamond ring and describe it as ‘A stunning 2ct. emerald cut diamond engagement ring’, it may get more attention then if it did not have a caption at all.  Captions are also good for vague photos in which, if the pin is described, it will give more meaning to it.

‘Likes’ and ‘Repins’ and Comments

Do unto others!  If you want people to repin your pins, do the same for them!  People will notice you are active on Pinterest, and will check out your boards to see what you are pinning.  Liking pins will also get you more exposure.  Commenting on other people pins is a great way to interact and start conversations with people on Pinterest.  Just as you would make connections in other social media platforms, make sure you are doing the same in Pinterest.

Follow Other Pinners

Make sure to follow other pinners so you can see what they are pinning.  They will more than likely follow you back as well.  If you do not follow people, how will they know you are there?

Link to your Own Site

If the photos are coming from your website, make sure a link to your website present with the pin.  When people want to see more, they will click the link back to your site!  The more pins you have from your site, the higher the click-through rate will be.  I do not suggest having all of your pins from your own site, but having a good portion is key.

Add a Pinterest Button to your Site

Adding a Pinterest button to your website gives people an easy way to share your content from your site.  A good WordPress Pinterest plugin to use would be the Pinterest ‘Pin it’ Button.

Because so many people are active on Pinterest, it has the potential to be a click-through powerhouse.  Find your Pinterest niche and get started with social media ROI success!

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3 Pinterest Alternatives

While many of us are locked into the Pinterest obsession, many others have still not recognized its relevance or are simply uninterested in what it has to offer.  If you are one of the latter personalities, one of these three alternatives may be for you!

Fancy.  If you like the general idea of Pinterest, but cannot give into waiting for an invite, Fancy is for you!  Fancy has the same concept as Pinterest, in that, it is pictures only.  You can Fancy pictures (similar to liking a picture) and Add to Lists (which is similar to Pinterest Boards).  There are minor differences between the two social media sites.  Fancy gives you a Rank, which is basically a way for other people to rank your popularity.  The more people Rank you, the more popular you become.  Fancy also gives out badges, although I have not received any yet, and could not find a source to tell what type of badges you can earn.  Another feature of Fancy is Deals.  You can look at the Deals tab to find tons of deals on the internet.  I am sure this list will grow as the site gains popularity.

Gentlemint.   The man’s Pinterest!  It is no secret that 90% of Pinterest’s users are women.  Gentlemint is full of manly things posted by manly men, but surprisingly, it is not just full of half naked girls.  It has tons of posts about things guys are truly interested in, which is refreshing to see.  Gentlemint is still invite only, but only because the creators of the site want the users to have an enjoyable experience without getting bogged down with too many users right off the bat.

“Put simply, we have a great, small community of users and continually doubling or tripling the size of the community overnight (which is essentially what we’d have to do to keep up with demand) would ruin the experience for our current users and make things very challenging for us to keep up with. ”  Read More

Gentlemint is always adding new features, the latest being Save to Your Mint, which is slightly similar to putting things on boards.

Chill.  Similar to Pinterest, but with videos instead of pictures!  While is may sound like YouTube, it is not just a place to watch random videos across the internet.  On Chill, you get to share videos you like and watch videos others have posted.  You can comment on others videos, show you have watched it, and use emotions to show how you feel about the videos.  You can also repost the videos and share new videos in Collections (which are like Pinterest Boards).  Chill also lets you customize your page unlike any of the other sites listed.

So, while some sites get all the attention, there are still other social sites out there that can spike anyone’s Fancy!  Try these out and see which one is best suited for you and your particular interests!

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Companies That Got It Right On Pinterest

With over 10 million registered users and 9.5 million monthly Facebook connected users, Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site, despite still being invite only according to App Data!  This immense growth has turned many companies into fiendish pinners, some successful, some not.  Pinterest is a great addition to many company’s marketing plans.  Is Pinterest ready for your company?  Here are some examples of companies that just got it right.

Visit Savannah is a great example of how to get people excited about visiting your town! They have 17 boards that range from where to eat and book a hotel to Haunted Savannah.  They post new pins almost everyday, and use the “like” feature.  The like feature is important for companies especially because you want people to know that you are actively participating on the site, and that you like what others are posting.  Visit Savannah does a great job with this.  If you have never visited Savannah, check out their boards, and you will soon be booking your next vacation to the beautiful city!

Glamour  really grasps the concept that 97% of users are women, as reported by Tech Crunch from App Data statistics.  They have boards not only about their magazine, but also about things that women are interested in such as Date Night Outfits and Hair Styles.  As like Visit Savannah, Glamour pins several times a day and uses the “like” feature just as well.  If you are like many people, you prefer to look at your favorite magazine online.  Glamour has extended themselves into another way for readers to enjoy the features of the magazine without leaving their favorite social site.

Premier Jewelers is still new to Pinterest, but have shown tons of growth in a short period of time.  They have boards that pertain to their jewelry, but also have boards that show you creative ways to store your jewelry and Date Night Jewelry.  They have tons of  “likes” which shows they really want to participate in the Pinterest community!  Another great board Premier Jewelers has created is a board about their city of Jacksonville.  This is a great way to show people the area that surrounds your store.  So if you are in the area, you will know how to find them and also great places to go and visit while you are there.

Pinterest will continue to grow fast, hopefully catching the eye of a more diverse set of users (i.e. men), making Pinterest a better place for more unique companies to participate.  If you think your company would be great on Pinterest, go ahead, start pinning!  Follow the Pinners mentioned above to enhance your Pinterest and help you create a great Pinterest for your business!

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Pinterest- The Next Big Thing

Pinterest is one of the newest and fastest growing social media networks out right now.  Pinterest is a place to share pictures on “boards”, organized places to store the photos that you “pin”.  Since it came out in 2009, Pinterest has been an invite only site, making it exclusive and generally spam free.  Although it is invite only, you probably know someone who is already a member and willing to invite you in.  According to a report by Experian, the site received over 11 million visits the week of December 17th, which is 40x more hits than just six months earlier.

What Makes Pinterest So Exciting and Different?

Have you ever looked through a magazine or a recipe book and saw something you would really like to try only to forget to tear out the page or copy the recipe?  Pinterest makes it easy to take the things you see on the site and organize them into boards, which are like folders of your favorite pins.  They have also made it easy to share the things that you like with others.  If you like something a friend has posted, simply hover over it and click repin!  That’s it!  It lets you choose with board you want to organize it into and change the comment with the picture if you prefer.  You can create as many boards as you like.  It is fully customizable to fit your own personal style.  No more searching for that perfect smokey eye you saw that one time in that one magazine.  Simply log on to your Pinterest account and look on your board!

How to Maximize Your Pinning

Because Pinterest allows you to sign up using Facebook or Twitter, it is easy to connect to people that you know who are already using Pinterest.  Once you are following people, start checking out their boards!  You can like, repin, or comment on anything anyone has posted.   Commenting on peoples pins can open up a totally new conversation!  See a recipe you like, but know how to make it better, leave a comment and see if anyone tries what you suggest!  Like that outfit, but know of a belt that would make the outfit more complete?  Throw a comment on it and see what others think!  Don’t forget to repin the things you like onto your boards so you can remember them in the future!

Using the Search Feature

Besides being able to pick from tons of categories that Pinterest gives you, you can also search for your favorite things.  Just today I decided to do a search for bacon, and I was so glad that I did!  I constantly do searches on graphic design to find new and exciting things that other people are creating!  The possibilities are endless on what you can find!

If you love to look at great things on the internet and sharing the things that you love, Pinterest is for you!  Just remember, Pinterest is generally untainted by spammers, and the Pinterest ccommunity would love to keep it that way!

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