How to Save Time with Twitter Shortcuts

Many of you may not know about the cool shortcuts that Twitter offers in it’s social media platform to help you use it more quickly and efficiently.  These shortcuts are easy to remember and will help save you time.  Practice these shortcuts on the Twitter site so that you can get the hang of them quickly!  Remember: these only work when you are on Twitter .  They will not work if you are using a social media monitoring platform like Hootsuite.  Hootsuite has its own set of shortcuts!  Feel free to print these out so that you can have them handy whenever you are using Twitter!  You can also use the last shortcut on the page to look at these shortcuts if you forget some!


f: Favorite
r: Reply
t: Retweet
m: Direct Message
n: New Twee
enter: Toggle details panel


?: Help Menu
j: Next Tweet
k: Previous Tweet
space: Page Down
l: Search
. : Refresh Tweets and Back to Top


gh: Home
gr: Replies/Mentions
gp: Profile
gf: Favorites
gm: Messages
gu: Go to Use

Lesser Known Shortcuts

Esc: Close Help and Compose Windows
Shift+ Space: Page Up
Shift+?: Shortcut Guide

I hope these are of some help to you as you continue on your social media journey!  Do you have any time saving tips that you use on Twitter?  Share them in the comment box below!

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