Facebook Business Pages: Back to the Basics

facebook business pageWhy should your business use Facebook? With more than one billion active users and over half of those users signing on every day, it can be great way to get inexpensive exposure for your company. It gives you the opportunity to attract potential customers who would not have otherwise known about your company.  Facebook can also be a great way to provide customer service quickly and efficiently.  Facebook is most valuable when used as an extension to of your company website.

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Pinterest Web Analytics

Today, Pinterest has announced a new feature that will let you view just exactly what is being pinned from your website and what type of people are pinning, Pinterest Web Analytics!  This is exactly what marketers have been waiting for since the launch of Pinterest business pages in November.

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Twitter Benefits for Business

The famous micro blogging sensation twitter has recently become very popular and hit the mainstream as people from all over the world be it local people to actors, athletes, singers, cricketers are adopting it as a great medium to communicate and send updates as their status and also about the upcoming events.

Among social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, cases that are more beneficial are being found in Twitter.  The reason is that many people are using it in a wide number of ways. The main reason why people are choosing it all over the world to communicate and business is its flexibility of using, many existing technologies that it can support, and business strategies.

10 Business Benefits

Twitter is really found business beneficial as a social networking site. Lots of success stories and case studies document beneficial business that people have had through twitter. So let us discuss 10 such benefits many of which having real time application.

1. Monitor real time conversations

Monitor real time conversation of your company or brand through twitter. It will first help you in marketing and enables your management team to view the feedback of your company from local people. Free and effective tools such as TweetDeck and HootSuite are available for effective searching.

2. Extend customer service

It is a main forum for customer service as being used by many companies and organizations. Many well-documented articles can be found if anyone searches for it in the net. People may even call your company in Twitter.

3. Brand awareness

One of the best benefits is that people can promote their brand or company big way through twitter. They can use twitter as a medium for keeping their brand in top of everyone’s mind be it promoting transformer toys or kitchen goods or food material or home decorative, twitter allows you to promote all out there.

4. Offer helpful links and headlines

Another way to promote your brand is by driving traffic to your website such as blogs, facebook links, YouTube channels and other helpful links, headlines to your webpage. Website is the main forum in the net where people from anywhere will be able to know about your brand and where you can also ask for money, registrations and products of your brand.

5. Catch problems early

Discover customer problems, interact with customers, talk about problems and issues regarding your products and potentially damaging PR issues and solve them before they cause problems. Then pick up conversations and respond to the customer quickly.

6. Find new business contacts

Want new business contacts?

Well, don’t worry as long as you are a twitter user. It also enables you to find new business contacts and enhance, promote your business through apps like “Twellow” and “Advance Twitter search.”

7. Enhance business relationships

You will learn more about your customers if you follow them and this will help you to connect with your clients well during meeting. Your client may greet you like a close person to him though he knows you very little and this is possible only through interacting by Twitter with clients.

8. Promote your blog content

Twitter also enables you to promote your blog content if your company has a separate corporate blog. You can also get immediate feedback by posting you blog URL directly on Twitter.

9. Understanding tool

Twitter can also be used as an understanding tool by the business organizations to see what the company’s position now is and what next target they are looking for. Though there is much competition in the market, you can learn about the company, their interests and their future products through Twitter.

10. Keep up on news and trends

Through Twitter you can keep in touch with the latest market products and trends. This may also help you while completing with other brands as they might not have access to real time market news as you have through Twitter.


5 Interesting Stats on Social Media

I recently conducted a survey to see which social media sites people used most frequently and why they used them and not others.  Here is what I found:

1. Which social media sites do you use most frequently?

‘Twitter’ showed a 60% usage rate and ‘Facebook’ collected the remaining 40%.  ‘Google+’, ‘Pinterest’, and ‘YouTube’ received no votes and the ‘Other’ option was also unused.

2. Do you Share Pictures?

‘Sometimes’ received 60% and ‘Yes’ received the remaining 40%.  ‘Always’, ‘Never’, and ‘Who Care’s had no votes.

3. What do you like most about the your social media site of choice?

50% said ‘I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA!’,  33% said ‘All my friends use it’ and 17% said ‘It’s easy to use’.  ‘ I don’t use social media’ and ‘Other’ had no votes.

4. What would you change about social media?

80% answered ‘Just a few tweeks, like easier sharing and seeing all my friends posts, not just some’ and 20% answered ‘Nothing, its great and its free’.   ‘Everything, it sucks’ and ‘Other’ had no votes.

5. Why don’t you use other social media sites as much as the one you chose in question 1?

This one got some interesting answers!  50% said they ‘Don’t have time’, 17% said because ‘Their friends aren’t on it’ and 33% answered ‘Other’.  No one answered ‘Boring’, ‘Don’t Care’, or ‘They all suck’.

The ‘Other’ answers are as follows:

–“I do use other sites, but this is not a fair comparison. You can’t compare something like Facebook and Youtube and ask why you would use one more than the other without limiting the question to some kind of function that they share. One is a totally different value proposition than the other. That’s like asking why you don’t go to the movies more than you go to Taco Bell.”

–“I use them all!”

The survey was a simple one, with only responses required.  No gender, age, education, or job information was required.

I find it interesting that in Questions 3 and 5, it mattered if their friends were on the social media platform.  Are you influenced by what social media sites your friends are on?  Would you use Twitter if no one you knew were using it?

In Question 5, do you agree that asking why you don’t use one social site as much as another is not a fair comparison?  Or do you think there are connected reasons of why you use Twitter more than Facebook?

It was nice to see in Question 4, that most people are generally satisfied with their social media platform of choice, and wouldn’t change very much about it.  What would you change about your social media site of choice?

What answers would you have chosen if you had taken this quiz?

If you were conducting a social media survey, what would you have added/subtracted from the survey?

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