Pinterest- The Next Big Thing

Pinterest is one of the newest and fastest growing social media networks out right now.  Pinterest is a place to share pictures on “boards”, organized places to store the photos that you “pin”.  Since it came out in 2009, Pinterest has been an invite only site, making it exclusive and generally spam free.  Although it is invite only, you probably know someone who is already a member and willing to invite you in.  According to a report by Experian, the site received over 11 million visits the week of December 17th, which is 40x more hits than just six months earlier.

What Makes Pinterest So Exciting and Different?

Have you ever looked through a magazine or a recipe book and saw something you would really like to try only to forget to tear out the page or copy the recipe?  Pinterest makes it easy to take the things you see on the site and organize them into boards, which are like folders of your favorite pins.  They have also made it easy to share the things that you like with others.  If you like something a friend has posted, simply hover over it and click repin!  That’s it!  It lets you choose with board you want to organize it into and change the comment with the picture if you prefer.  You can create as many boards as you like.  It is fully customizable to fit your own personal style.  No more searching for that perfect smokey eye you saw that one time in that one magazine.  Simply log on to your Pinterest account and look on your board!

How to Maximize Your Pinning

Because Pinterest allows you to sign up using Facebook or Twitter, it is easy to connect to people that you know who are already using Pinterest.  Once you are following people, start checking out their boards!  You can like, repin, or comment on anything anyone has posted.   Commenting on peoples pins can open up a totally new conversation!  See a recipe you like, but know how to make it better, leave a comment and see if anyone tries what you suggest!  Like that outfit, but know of a belt that would make the outfit more complete?  Throw a comment on it and see what others think!  Don’t forget to repin the things you like onto your boards so you can remember them in the future!

Using the Search Feature

Besides being able to pick from tons of categories that Pinterest gives you, you can also search for your favorite things.  Just today I decided to do a search for bacon, and I was so glad that I did!  I constantly do searches on graphic design to find new and exciting things that other people are creating!  The possibilities are endless on what you can find!

If you love to look at great things on the internet and sharing the things that you love, Pinterest is for you!  Just remember, Pinterest is generally untainted by spammers, and the Pinterest ccommunity would love to keep it that way!

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Fly: The New Twitter

Twitter has really revamped themselves this time!  Soon, the new Twitter, Fly, will be available to everyone.  The new iPhone and Android apps are already available, but the new Twitter for computers unveil is uncertain on the timeframe.  Here are a few new things you can look forward to seeing.

A Brand New Home page 

The Homepage will keep everything you are interested in all in one place.  You will be able to see all the tweets by the people that you follow, you will be able to keep track of news, hashtags, and more.  There will also be a new expandable tweet view that will let you see replies, retweets, photos, video, etc.


This is the place to start your conversations!  You can see who is following you, mentioning, retweeting, or favoriting your tweets.  Basically, this is where you can see all of your interactions.


This is where you will find information specifically customized for you.  This is also where you will be able to see what is going  on with your favorite hashtags!


The profile page is where your interests are put front and center.  You can describe yourself in anyway you want to!  People will be able to see your lists, favorites, photos, and followers all on one page. Show yourself off to the world!


New Tweet Button

With the new tweet button, you will be able to share fast and smarter!   Everything you need to share will be right at your fingertips.  Share photos, links, videos, and location faster than ever before!   Interact with everyone you know quickly and easily.  Retweet with ease!

With the unveiling of a new Twitter, who will follow?  Yes, Facebook has come out with their new Timelines, but are people really embracing this new concept?  With Twitter, you will automatically be able to enjoy all the new benefits it offers.  Below is a video showing you exactly what Twitter has in store for you!


What do you think of the new Twitter?   Share your comments!