Twitter Benefits for Business

The famous micro blogging sensation twitter has recently become very popular and hit the mainstream as people from all over the world be it local people to actors, athletes, singers, cricketers are adopting it as a great medium to communicate and send updates as their status and also about the upcoming events.

Among social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, cases that are more beneficial are being found in Twitter.  The reason is that many people are using it in a wide number of ways. The main reason why people are choosing it all over the world to communicate and business is its flexibility of using, many existing technologies that it can support, and business strategies.

10 Business Benefits

Twitter is really found business beneficial as a social networking site. Lots of success stories and case studies document beneficial business that people have had through twitter. So let us discuss 10 such benefits many of which having real time application.

1. Monitor real time conversations

Monitor real time conversation of your company or brand through twitter. It will first help you in marketing and enables your management team to view the feedback of your company from local people. Free and effective tools such as TweetDeck and HootSuite are available for effective searching.

2. Extend customer service

It is a main forum for customer service as being used by many companies and organizations. Many well-documented articles can be found if anyone searches for it in the net. People may even call your company in Twitter.

3. Brand awareness

One of the best benefits is that people can promote their brand or company big way through twitter. They can use twitter as a medium for keeping their brand in top of everyone’s mind be it promoting transformer toys or kitchen goods or food material or home decorative, twitter allows you to promote all out there.

4. Offer helpful links and headlines

Another way to promote your brand is by driving traffic to your website such as blogs, facebook links, YouTube channels and other helpful links, headlines to your webpage. Website is the main forum in the net where people from anywhere will be able to know about your brand and where you can also ask for money, registrations and products of your brand.

5. Catch problems early

Discover customer problems, interact with customers, talk about problems and issues regarding your products and potentially damaging PR issues and solve them before they cause problems. Then pick up conversations and respond to the customer quickly.

6. Find new business contacts

Want new business contacts?

Well, don’t worry as long as you are a twitter user. It also enables you to find new business contacts and enhance, promote your business through apps like “Twellow” and “Advance Twitter search.”

7. Enhance business relationships

You will learn more about your customers if you follow them and this will help you to connect with your clients well during meeting. Your client may greet you like a close person to him though he knows you very little and this is possible only through interacting by Twitter with clients.

8. Promote your blog content

Twitter also enables you to promote your blog content if your company has a separate corporate blog. You can also get immediate feedback by posting you blog URL directly on Twitter.

9. Understanding tool

Twitter can also be used as an understanding tool by the business organizations to see what the company’s position now is and what next target they are looking for. Though there is much competition in the market, you can learn about the company, their interests and their future products through Twitter.

10. Keep up on news and trends

Through Twitter you can keep in touch with the latest market products and trends. This may also help you while completing with other brands as they might not have access to real time market news as you have through Twitter.


Why Twitter Isn’t Working For You

You gave in.  You set up a twitter account for your business and have been posting religiously for the past few months.  You start to notice that all your hard work does not seem to be paying off.  Your followers are not growing and you are not getting any extra business from your all those tweets you worked so hard to put together.  Here are a few reasons why it might be you.

The 80/20 Rule.  The 80/20 rule is basically a guideline to follow to keep your followers interested and ways to get new followers.  This is having 80% related and relevant content posted on your twitter feed and 20% company promotion.  If you are instead tweeting 20/80, your followers will get bored with hearing nothing but product or company promotion from you and will more than likely stop following you.  If a potential follower looks at your feed and seeing nothing but “20% off” and “come in and buy something”, they probably will not see the value in following you.  Make sure when you tweet, you deliver things that you believe your followers would be interested in reading and participating in.

Links and Hashtags.  It is important to add links and hashtags to your tweets because this makes them interesting and interactive.  When you provide a link, it adds perceived value to your tweet and, in turn, people will click on the link, and remember that they received something relevant from your tweet.  They will look at your tweets more often to find the same relevant content in the future.  Hashtags are a great way to get involved in an establish conversation or start your own!  These hashtags show that you are involved in the twitterverse and that you care about involving your followers.  Try following hashtags in your industry and retweet relevant information back to your followers.

Saying Thank You.  If someone retweets one of your tweets or mentions your product or service in a good way, say Thank You!  This is an extremely important step!  People want to know you are listening and that you care that they took the time to share your content.  The more you participate in with your followers, the more positive results you will see.  Do not let people go ignored; that will only seal your mediocre state.  It is also good practice to make sure and give proper credit when you retweet.  This will tend to start conversations as well when the person also says thank you.  People like to know that the content they put out is being seen!

Don’t be a promoter!  Your business is about more than just getting sales.  Show your knowledge of your industry and wow your followers with relevant content and they will keep coming back for more (and they will bring their friends along too!).